Emmaus (detail)
Emmanuel Garibay, Philippines.
Garibay: Except for one person, everyone is around the table drinking and laughing. I don't know if you are familiar with the last chapter of Luke..

So the figure at the center is a woman -she could be mistaken for a man because she has short hair- she is drinking with them and kind of telling a Joke and everybody is laughing around her. But the point is that the joke is that people are laughing because they thought all along that Jesus was a man, and that Jesus is a Caucasian looking guy, you know... all these conventional concepts about Jesus. I have a different image of Jesus which is that of a woman, a very ordinary looking Filipino woman, who drinks with them and has stories to tell. The idea of laughing is very common among Filipinos-to laugh at their mistakes. It's all part of understanding the culture and it's also part of contextualizing the concept of faith within the culture.