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  Geoff Todd: Australia

Address: 65 Queen Street Ararat Victoria 3377 Australia

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2000 Tachbrook Street Gallery, London, U.K.
Kaiser Franz Josef, Museum Baden, Austria
Aprolos, Vienna, Austria
1999 Museum Benteng Vredeberg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
1998 Museo dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Itali
Alliance Francais de Canberra, A.C.T. Australia
1997 Australia Day Exhibition, The Chancery of the Australian High Commission, Singapore
1996 Ardyanto Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Omni Hong Kong Hotel, Hong Kong
Australian Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia
1992 C. Line Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
C. Line Gallery, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
1991 The Northern Territory Meseum of Arts and Sciences, Darwin, Australia
Rudana Museum, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
1986 Victoria House Gallery, London, United Kingdom
1980 Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne, Australia
Ministry for the Arts, Melbourne, Australia
1979 Latrobe Vallery Arts Centre, Victoria, Australia
1973 Shepparton Arts Centre, Victoria, Australia

In this page we display some art works of Geoff Todd, an Australian artist born in Melbourne in 1950, with a number of art exhibitions in Indonesia to his credit. He explored a religious theme and presented stories about Jesus's life through his paintings.

He has, for example, taken his inspiration from a number of stories from the New Testament and interpreted them according to an artistic language most intimate to him. Take for example stories about the crucifixion, the relationship between Mary and Jesus, Judas the betrayer of Jesus. Geoff's representation is significant in that he has tried to Javanize the figures used to represent a number of stories from the New Testament. The following examples will illustrate this aspect.
He depicts Mary, wearing a blue cloak, embracing her son Jesus with her hand in such a way that it immediately strikes one as the position of a Javanese dance, reflecting solemnity.
Mary is pictured in a three-quarter position. Her right eye sheds drops of blood, a symbol of sorrow.


The young Jesus is clasped in her embrace. His hair is dark. His two eyes stare straight at the viewer. This shows

Geoff's attempt to Javanize the countenance of Mary and Jesus. In another of his works, the viewers can see sorrow and helplessness on the part of Maria Magdalene when she finds Jesus' grave empty and a toiling farmer in the background.
Usually the paintings found in a church are those related to the crucifixion otherwise known as the Way of the Cross and Judas is never depicted as a central figure. In Todd's work, Judas is pictured as a man with a beard and
Emptiness is displayed in his face the look of a person feeling deep regret. He is portrayed as having silver eyes. Interestingly, Judas is dressed like a contemporary gentleman, a clear reference that Judas's spirit remains even today.
This is the portrayal of a series of personal reflections on religious scenes placed in a real context.

(adaptation of article 'Javanized representations of biblical scenes' by M. Dwi Marianto, The Jakarta Post, Juli 1, 2001).

Following are some art works of Geoff Todd:
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Betrayal 1
Betrayal 2
Eternal Love
Mother's Love
Salve Regina

Grown with a very deep commitment to art, at age of sixteen Geoff Todd complited a large painting that was Christ on the Cross.

Some of his art works were displayed at the Asian Spiritual Art Exhibition in Yogyakarta held by ACAA at the end of Jully 2001. In order to know more about Geoff Todd who just subscribed as the ACAA member, we have added special pages:

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