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  Hanna Cheriyan Varghese: Malaysia

Address: 8 Jalan 12/21A, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Hanna Varghese is a Malaysian artist who began painting religious/biblical themes after she was inspired by artworks of Asian Christians in the early issues of IMAGE magazine. The spritual images made by other Asian Christian artists prompted her to explore the possibilities of making tangible her own understanding of her Christian sprituality and faith - for the first time.

The first Asian Christian Women Artists; Sprituality & Faith Consultation was significant milestone in her journey of exploring visual images from the Bible text and her faith. Presently she is coordonator of the Malaysian Christian Artists' Fellowship. CCM, and council member of ACAA. Hanna works mainly in acrylics and batik-dyeing. She says, "This is my way of witnessing for Christ for the gift I have been blessed with."

Asian Spiritual Art Exhibition,
Yogyakarta-Indonesia, August 2001

Painting and drawing has been Hanna's great passion for as long as she can remember. Hanna presently dyes batik cloth pictures and paints mainly in acrylics.

She says: "Visual images reveal more of one's mind than words. Art (images/icons) has been used in education, contemplation, meditation and veneration in Christian tradition. I hope to continue expressing my Christian faith through art."


Following are some art works of Hanna C. Varghese:
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Creation and Spirituality
Noah's ark
Flight into Egypt
Sheperd - Batik
For unto us a Child is born
Good news
Calming the storm
Go quickly and tell... (Matt. 28:7)
'Mary ' 'Rabboni! ... (John 20:26)
My Lord and my God... (John 20:28)
My Lord and my God... (John 20:28)
Who will roll away the stone... (Mark 16:3)
Who will roll away the stone... (Mark 16:3)
He is not here, He is risen... (Luke 24:6)
Stay with us... (Luke 24:29)
Their eyes were opened... (Luke 24:31)
Receive the Holy Spirit... (John 20:20)

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