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  A. Hari Santosa: Indonesia

Below is a brief explanation on his personal background and my paintings:

Name : Agustinus Hari Santosa (a member of ACAA)
Place/Date of birth : Yogyakarta, October 25, 1952.
Education : STSRI (The Indonesian College of Art) "ASRI" Yogyakarta
Home/Studio Address : Sanggar Melati Suci/Jl. Semeru R-7 GAP/ Kwarasan, Nogotirto/ Yogyakarta, INDONESIA


  • Since November 1979 have established and organized 'Sanggar Melati', children art studio, which has accomplished various achievements in both national and international scopes.
  • In 1984-1998 taught drawing in an elementary school and a private (Catholic) kindergarten in Yogyakarta.
  • Own a large number of children painting collections, including the ones with biblical themes.
  • Was invited to art events in the Philippines (1980,1981), Japan (1983,1994) and the USA (1995).
  • Seriously started painting in 1998.

A brief explanation on the paintings:

The Bible has been the source of inspiration for practical art creation throughout modern human history. To Christians, the stories written in the Bible serve as invitations to (beside reading them) record, actualize, and internalize them in pictures.

From its technical aspect, my paintings dug out and exploited the textural (real) effect which can be seen in the relief on temple walls, inherited from our ancestors. At the same time, the oil paints accommodated my technical and artistic desire.

detail - "Nativity" The Three Wise Men

The horizontal panel format of most of my paintings functions as a narrative presentation, inspired by both the temple relief and art performance 'Wayang Beber', which can still be found in Java (Yogyakarta, Indonesia).

The aspect of enculturation also played a very important role in my paintings. Also, the actualization of the story and metaphor which I may have elaborated and presented. Humor was another positive additional touch expressed in the paintings which may release the frown on our foreheads.
The presence of innocence in every aspect -when presents- is the effect of my long-term and intensive interactions with children and their paintings.

Following are some art works of Hari Santosa:
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"Nativty" Children Pay Homage to the Holy Child, 2002
"Nativity" The Three Wise Men, 2001
The Annunciation, 2001
Jesus Anointed, 2002
Jesus Stilling the Tempest, 2001
The Marriage in Cana, 2001
Jesus and the Woman of Samaria, 2001
Jesus Walking on the Sea, 2001
"Via Crucis" Comforting the Women of Jerusalem, 2001
Jesus and the Disciples at Emmaus, 2001

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