The Profile of Li Wei San, China
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  Li Wei San: China

Here we introduce Li Wei San, a famous Christian artist from in China. He was an engineer. After retiring, he painted nearly 1000 Christian art works for calendars, cards, slides, book covers, and illustrations. Published works include a 300 picture "Pictorial of Jesus' story", 70 picture "Pictorial of Salvation", 110 picture "Pictorial of Revelation". Some of his Chinese traditional painting was included in several joint exhibitions in Beijing, Nanjing, Singapore, Vienna, Toronto and New York.

  • He was born in China on 1928.
  • 1950 graduated from Hong Kong Adventist College.
  • 1991 graduated from Chinese Fine Arts Correspondence University, China.
Address :
Li Wei San
No. 3, Gate 2, Bldg. 104
Railroad New Village
Southern 2nd Ring Road
Xian, China
The following are some of Li Wei San's art works:
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