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Asian Christian Art Association ( ACAA )   Wisnu Sasongko: Indonesia

One day a young painter contacted us via email. Since that time, less then a year, the office of ACAA has already moved from Kyoto, Japan to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Wisnu Sasongko is a young painter interested in works with the spirit of Christianity. The situation in Indonesia, which has undergone multidimensional crisis, causes events of violence everywhere. This situation has encouraged Wisnu Sasongko and his colleague Surajiya to hold an exhibition with title "The lost of Love, I come as a messenger of Love". Some of Sasongko's works are here for us to enjoy.

  • The High School of Art in Yogyakarta (1991-1995)
  • Continuing study at the Faculty of Art, the Institute of Art in Indonesia, Yogyakarta
    Interest : Drawing
    Main Interest: The art of painting
Date of birth: Jakarta, February 12, 1975
Address : Jl. Tengiri VII/23 Minomartani, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 55581
  • Participate in several joint exhibitions in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Joint exhibitions with Art Missio in German

Wisnu Sasongko is the 2004–05 Paul T. Lauby Artist in Residence at Overseas Ministries Study Center (OMSC), New Haven, USA. The artist in residence program is made possible through a generous grant from the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, which Paul Lauby served as president.

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Dialogue from Within

Look, the world is getting darker in desire
And their souls soar releasing their pain
Why am I here ?
Who am I ?

Only soft whispering grace,
"You are the image of gentleness, peace and beauty
for that purpose I sent you, go!"
Though I am only a dust, I will be ready

I was born of sincerity
Conceived in a womb of beauty
Coming as the messenger of love

by Wisnu Sasongko

Some of Wisnu's art works are:

Dialogue from Within, 2001
Special Moment, 2001
Hope for Peace, 2001

The Water of Life I Bring, 160x140 cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2000
The Guard of the Meek, 160x140 cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2000
Under the Shadow of Love 1, 150x100 cm, A.W.O.L. on Canvas, 2000
Under the Shadow of Love 2, 150x100 cm, A.W.O.L. on Canvas, 2000
The Sower of Love, 150x100 cm, A.W.O.L. on Canvas, 2000
The Love Communion, 150x100 cm, A.W.O.L. on Canvas, 2000

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