ACAA - New Batik of Solomon RAJ

(10/2001) Solomon RAJ is one of the ACAA member from India whom we have regular contact with and always take the first chance to inform us about his newest art works. Here we display some of his best art works in this recent time that we received few months ago.

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Angel and Sheperd Annunciation Ascension of Christ Baptism of Jesus Christ Calls the Disciples
Flight to Egypt Jesus Healing the Blind Man Jesus in the Temple Journey to Bethlehem Nativity
Palm Sunday

And You?

My father says I am too small.
My mother says I am too slow.
My school teacher says I am just a dreamer.
My instructor says others work better.
My colleagues say I am not jointly responsible.
My lieutenant says I am not upright enough.
The vicar says I am going to the wrong way.
My wife says others earn more.
My children say their father is a sissy.
And you, Great God,
Father in Heaven,
what do you say?

You say
I am like you. In every way Father.

(poem by Walter J. Hollenweger, taken from book "Zurittuutschi Gibaat")
Prayer in Gethsemane The Cross, with John and Mary
The Empty Tomb The Last Supper
Transfiguration Washing the Feet of Peter

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