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Bali Christian Art Association

The Bali Christian Art Association (BCAA) was founded in Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia, on January 19, 2003 with mission: to manifest their faith through works of art; to deepen biblical understanding by interpreting scripture through artistic means; to develop a contextual expression of the Gospel.
As an organization they hope to enhance the clarity of Christian expression through artistic means and to empower artists to share the Gospel with the world.

Bali island, Indonesia
The committee of BCAA are:
Advisor: I Nyoman Darsane, I Ketut Lasia,
Rev. Yatma Pramana
Chairperson: Ni Ketut Sri Wardani
Secretary: Erland Sibuea.

In it's very young age, BCAA has successfully held exhibitions two times within one year. The first was on March 23 -April 21, 2003 with 33 artworks and the the second was started from August 16 to September 16, 2003 at the: Galery GKI Bali, Jl. Raya Puputan 108 Renon, Denpasar Bali, Indonesia.
Artists that participated in these exhibition are: Nyoman Darsane, Ketut Lasia, Ni Ketut Sri Wardani, I Gd. Yosef Darsane, I Komang Wahyu S. Lasia, I Gd. Sukana Kariana, Tina Bailey and Koni Herawati.

Rev. Yatma Pramana, advisor of BCAA presented some thought in his article entitled "Art as a means of communicating the Gospel", delivered at the second exhibition of BCAA. He said:

"This exhibition is more about challenging viewers to experience the communication of the Gospel through the artwork... Through this exhibition, the members of BCAA intend to convey the communication which exists between their experience of the Gospel. The exhibited paintings invite viewers to communicate and dialogue with the source of the Gospel: God himself in Jesus Christ. This dialogue can produce faith in God. Faith is not just about words and ideas. It can materialize in the context of the here and now. This faith focuses not only on the historical Jesus Christ but also on the 'present' Christ who works through the hands of humanity."



Jesus in Fine Arts, by Agus Darmawan T, an art critic

Arts as a means of communicating the Gospel, by Rev. Yatma Pramana

  Following notes are taken from the article "Jesus in Fine Arts" by Agus Darmawan T, delivered at the second exhibition of BCAA.


I Ketut Lasia, a senior Balinese tradisional Christian artist is known by his Biblical works uCalms the Storm, by I Ketut Lasiasing traditional forms and styles. Lasia who often participates in exhibitions abroad, has returned the use of religious themes to Balinese traditional painting. But the only difference here is that 'religious' is not Hindu, but Christian. In one painting Jesus is in a boat fishing with his disciples. He also paints Jesus' crucifixion and his washing the feet of his disciples.

The Ten Virgin, by I Nyoman Darsane

In another instance we are drawn to the work of I Nyoman Darsane, another popular Balinese Christian artist. Darsane began with a traditional orientation. However, he then began working in more modern styles. As this developed much was written about the presence of traditional elements in his art. Darsane's work came to be described as 'contemporary.' Darsane utilizes a principle of realism in his paintings to create mythological figures or wayang that are usually seen in the Hindu world. However, these mythological figures he makes as characters from stories whose inspiration and substance is taken from the Gospel. And so emerge symbolic realist paintings like Sang pembebas (The deliverer), Sepuluh Anak Dara (the ten virgins) or the narrative of Mary and Martha.

A Mother's Scream 1, by Ni Ketut Sri Wardani

The same spirit of realism is seen in the paintings of Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani. The difference, however, is that while Darsane's work may be classified as decorative, Wardani's paintings are essentially expressionistic. Every figure moves with deep feeling and is transformed as a record of the event. The despairing face in Jeritan Ibu (A Mother's Scream) grasps the viewer. In a similar fashion Eloi Eloi Lamasabakhtani shows the face of Jesus at his death. Wardani often references the passion narrative Jesus'. One of the most interesting to observe is Golgotha.

Resurrection, by I Gede Yosef C. Darsane

His Birth, by I Gede Sukana Kariana Carry each other's burden, by I Komang Wahyu S We do not live in isolation, by Tina Bailey
If Darsane and Wardani move from obedience to realism, then Komang Wahyu, Gede Sukana Kariana, I Gede Yosef C. Darsane and Tina Bailey are walking towards efforts to dissolve forms. Accordingly their paintings serve impressions only, the beauty of colours dominate the whole canvas such as in Josef's painting, Kebimbangan Maria (Mary's Hesitation) and Kebangkitan (Resurrection). Beautiful ornamentation leads the paintings of Komang Wahyu: Yesus Memberkati Anak-Anak (Jesus Blesses the Children), Baptisan di Sungai Yordan (Baptism in the River Jordan). Abstract elements dominate Gede Sukana's Pengharapan (Hope) and Tina Bailey's Tidak Dapat Hidup dalam Kesendirian (We do not live in Isolation).



An Angel flying on the Lotus, by Koni Herawati Koni, an artist born of Central Java, Indonesia, moved to Bali and spent some years there to study painting from a Balinese painter. A strong Balinese visual culture and the Balinese community condition have exerted strong influences on Koni's artistic development. She participated on the first exhibition of BCAA with her artwork "an Angel flying on the Lotus". Angel and Lotus as she mentioned are the symbol of holines and peace known in Christian, Budhism and Hinduism. She said if all followers of those religion live in harmony, with love and respect to each other, life would be better.

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