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Asian Spiritual Art Exhibition 2001, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Congress of Asia Theologians III art exhibition, Yogyakarta-Indonesia, 2001

Japan Christian Art 25th Exhibition

OASIS Exhibition by Kaji Habeb, Indonesia

On November 23, 2000, the ACAA held an exhibition under the theme, "Life and Hope," at the Momiji Festival, Kansai Seminar House, Kyoto, Japan. The titles and artists of the works exhibited were as follows:
    1. From the Root of Jesus, Masami Nakayama, Japan
    2. Annunciation, Alphonso Doss, India
    3. The Tree of Life, Sebastiana Dung Dung, India
    4. Search for Peace, Sudjojono, Indonesia
    5. After the Flood, Takako Horino, Japan
    6. Two Sisters, Nalini Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka
    7. Living Creatures, Aboriginal Art, Australia
    8. Three Wisemen, Nalini Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka
    9. Annunciation, Sadao Watanabe, Japan
    10. Ark of Noah, Osamu Nishizaka, Japan
    11. Do not harm the earth, Soichi Watanabe, Japan
    12. Two Witnesses, Soichi Watanabe, Japan
    13. Fish and Cross, Beramonkoro Sunazawa, Japan
    14. The Burning Bush, Paul Koli, India
    15. Wind, Vi Boon, Thailand
    16. Flowers and Birds, Hong Chong Myung, Korea
    17. Flight to Egypt, Osamu Nishizaka, Japan
    18. Faith, Hope, Love, Kou Pei Shen, Taiwan
    19. Hope, Yoko Makoshi, Japan
    20. Jesus Waving to Shepherds, Yuko Matsuoka, Japan
Dr. He Qi held an art exhibition at Nanjing Theological Seminary on the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Chinese 3-Self Church. The opening ceremony was held September 16, 2000. Displayed were his 12 new art works and 18 other prints.Click here to see the pictures.
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The Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition was under the auspices of Austrian-Chinese Friendship and Vienna Art History Museum and assisted by China Christian Council and was taken on by the Amity Christian Art Center. The exhibition was held at Palais Harrach in Vienna from 17th September 2000 to 30th October 2000 organized by the Austrian Museum of Fine Arts with the support of the Austrian Chinese Friendship Society.Read the complit report about the China Christian Art exhibition in Vienna.


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