Dr. He Qi's Art Exhibition


Dr. He Qi held an art exhibition at Nanjing Theological Seminary on the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Chinese 3-Self Church. The opening ceremony was held September 16, 2000. Displayed were his 12 new art works and 18 other prints. Many people attended, and Bishop K.H.Ting gave an address. Dr.Han Wenzhao, Rev. Bao, the Director of Jiangsu Fine Art gallery, Chairperson of Jiangsu Artist Association, many famous art professors and friends attended. There was local TV coverage (Jiangsu ST TV, Jiangsu City TV, Nanjing TV, Nanjing CB TV) introducing the art show.

Bishop K.H.Ting signed at
the Opening Ceremony of He Qi's Art Exhibition
September 16, 2000
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