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January 2004 - The profile page just updated with a profile of Ni Ketut Sri Wardani, a woman Christian artist from Indonesia.

Special pages is dedicated to Bali Christian Art Association - Exhibition 2003.

Work by Artists from China, Indonesia
on Display at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa

ORANGE CITY, Iowa-Artwork by two Asian artists will be on display in Northwestern College's Te Paske Gallery when it opens in its new location in the newly constructed Korver Visual Arts Center.

"Images of God: Two Christian Artists from Asia" features the work of Wisnu Sasongko of Indonesia and He Qi of China. The show's opening will follow a dedication ceremony for the center scheduled for 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 10. Community members are invited either to the dedication ceremony or to the exhibit itself, which runs through Nov. 26.

According to Karen Acker, chair of Northwestern's art department, the exhibit gives a new perspective to the centuries-old tradition of attempting to create a visual image of God for the purpose of education and inspiration. "He Qi and Wisnu Sasongko practice their art in countries that are overwhelmingly non-Christian," she says. "Considering this, their approaches to their art and faith have much to teach us."

Sasongko is a young painter who favors acrylic and mixed media. A 1995 graduate of the High School of Art in Yogyakarta, he continued his studies at the Institute of Art in Indonesia. He is a member of the Asian Christian Art Association and has participated in joint exhibitions in Indonesia, Germany, Canada and the United States. Titles such as "Hope for Peace," The Water of Life I Bring," "The Guard of the Meek" and "Under the Shadow of Love" reflect both the spiritual nature of his art and the violence racking his nation.

Qi, a professor at Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, was among the first mainland Chinese to earn a doctorate in religious art. He has been creating modern Chinese Christian art for more than 12 years-striving to change the foreign image of Christianity in China by using artistic language, and at the same time supplementing Chinese art the way Buddhism did in ancient times. Far Eastern Economic Review describes him as "arguably China's most internationally sought after contemporary Christian artist."
Qi blends Chinese folk art and modern art styles, using a riot of colors and rich compositions to portray-in unmistakably Chinese contexts-images of Jesus Christ as a messenger of peace and rejoicing. His paintings and embroideries have been exhibited in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, England and the United States, and featured in such media as the BBC, Christianity Today, and The Upper Room.
Qi belongs to the China Art Association, is a member of the executive committee of the Asian Christian Art Association, and is represented by the Lime Street Gallery of Lancaster, Pa.

The Korver Visual Arts Center, the new home of the Te Paske Gallery, is located along Highway 10 at 214 8th St. SE. The gallery is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays) and 1 to 10 p.m. Sunday. For more information about exhibitions or the gallery, contact John Kaericher, professor of art, at 712-707-7003.



The 25th anniversary of ACAA was held in Seoul Korea on June 16-17, 2003 that coincidate with the 38th Annual Korean Christian Artists Association Exhibition. The new committee of ACAA for the next term was formed at that meeting, as follows:

Dr Judo Poerwowidagdo

China: Prof. He Qi
Japan: Soichi Watanabe
Philippines: Emmanuel Garibay
Sri Lanka: Rhuani Rambukwella

Honory President:
Japan: Prof. Masao Takenaka

New Zealand: Rev. Ron O'Grady

Thanks to Hanna Varghese of Malaysia, Alphonso Doss of India and Jae Im Kim of Korea who have faithfully served in ACAA committee for one period. At the time Dr. Judo Poerwowidagdo, thepresiden tof ACAA gave certificate of appreciation to Prof. Masao Takenaka dan Rev. Ron O'Grady for their long time support to ACAA since the very begining.
The next ACAA executive meeting will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on June 2004.



Wisnu Sasongko, member of ACAA from Yogyakarta Indonesia held his solo exhibition in Yogyakarta on July 17-31, 2003 displaying more then 30 of his artworks. He is in preparation to send his artworks for an exhibition which will be held by the Northwesten College, Orange City, Iowa in the coming months.

The Christian artist in Bali, Indonesia has formed the BCAA (Bali Christian Artist Association) on January 19, 2003. Their first exhibition was on March 23 -April 21, 2003 and the second was started from August 16 to September 16, 2003 at the:
Galery GKI Bali, Jl. Raya Puputan 108 Renon, Denpasar Bali, Indonesia
Beside the exhibtion that involved 7 artists, they also had a discussion about Christian Art in Indonesia. To know more, please click: Special pages is dedicated to Bali Christian Art Association - Exhibition 2003.


Anthony Chan, a Christian artist from Malaysia will hold his solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur on December, 2003.



Egai Fernandez, a Christian artis from Philippine has been commissioned to do a mural for the Philippined Independent Church.
Emmanuel.Garibay of Philippine who is also the committee member of ACAA is presently doing residency at AILM (Asian Institute fo Liturgy and Music). He sees new possibilities to interact with local artists. ¾ day programs for artists is in the plans.

Solomon Saprid of Philippine, passed away and was interred on, 28 September 2003.

Dr. Judo Poerwowidagdo, presiden of ACAA:
"It is with sadness and sorrow that we heard the passing away of our beloved Solomon Saprid of Philippine. ACAA has been blessed by having dear Solomon Saprid as a founding member of ACAA in 1978 in Bali and as a member of our Executive Committee for many years. May God give strength and comfort to the family in this time of sorrow."

Alphonso Doss, ACAA form Ex Co member of India:
"I am extremely sorry to hear the news about the demise of Salomon Saprid. He was such a nice man and a very good sculptor. I express my deep condolence to his family and friends."

Eulogy for Solomon Saprid
-by: Edgar "Egai" Fernandez, Philippine

What is amazing with Sol, as everybody - young and old calls him - is his last wish - he wanted to be cremated and his ashes be carried by the stream - not for romanticism as an artist would have love. And it would have been easy to understand and imagine - like one's ashes being carried by the stream to the sea - and be a part of the horizon where the sea meets the sky. It was not also a divine inspiration like being a part of the river that never runs dry as justice would. No, it was not, that but to save his loved ones the trouble of visiting his grave during the annual observance of All Souls Day. Filipinos really take time to observe the day. It is a day to remember the departed. And one would think it will be a very solemn observance. But far from it as every Filipino would know, there's a fiesta atmosphere, the observance becomes a feast and a family reunion. Sol probably learned from experience. The traffic going to and fro the cemeteries is unimaginable. Flowers would be more expensive as well as candles. Not to mention the food preparation for the family, relatives and friends who would care to pass and light a candle.

Sol wanted none of it. But the wish best describe Sol - caring and sensitive who loves life and knew that loving life is giving. As someone who has struggled through life for his family before pursuing what he personally loves best - immersing and spending the rest of his uncomplicated life to art. He did not equate art with money. His art pieces may be quite expensive, but the price is a different story. He could be generous to friends that for no reason at all, he would give sketches, even sculpture pieces. He gave art works not only to individual friends but also institutions like Ateneo de Manila and to various churches - to Sol, it's a way of sharing. He used to be an active participant of the Saturday Group with notables HR Ocampo, Legaspi and others. As a sculptor, he is known for his Tikbalang series, Tikbalang is a half-man, half-horse creature of the Filipino mythology. He also translated into art forms his ideas on everyday life, Dr. Jose Rizal's Sisa and even social realities. Whether in sculpture or sketches, he was able to fuse strength and sensuality that makes his art pieces mesmerizing to look at. It is hard to speak of Sol without saying something of his work.

I had the opportunity to spend sometime with Sol - being members of ACAA and the Philippines Christian Art Association. We were together in various Asian countries and in those times we would to into some serious exchange of ideas on art, life and even some wacky wisdom on everything.

As a man, Sol is a happy person who's always ready to make you laugh. He knew his time was running out. We were able to visit him, probably a month before he passed away. He even made us sit for a portrait, something he said - a remembrance before his visa from above is approved!

Although there would be no grave to pay tribute to - Solomon Saprid will always be remembered as he has created a space in the history of Philippine art.


Rev O'Grady the editor of the book "Christ for All People" on behalf of ACAA has signed a contract with 3 German groups who will print 500 copies of the book in the German language; and Church of Sweden will reprint 500 copies in Swedish version. There is a wish in Brazil to translate that book into Portuguese as a suplement to a main book. The book "Christ for All People" are still available in ACAA office with price of $30 per exemplar.



Soichi Watanabe was elected as the chairman of the JCAA (Japan Christian Art Association).
The Japan Christian Art Exhibition this year was held on July 16 to 27, at the Tokyo Gospel Fellowship Center in Ginza Church it's the 27th Exhibition . Their first Exhibition was opened in 1973. This exhibition was coincidate with the 30th anniversary on JCAA. The Christian population in Japan is 1% of all people and Christians are a minority groups. Therefore artists of Catholic and Protestant organized the association and then invited some artists of non-Christian under the idea of Christianity.

We receive any news about CHRISTIAN ART IN ASIA to be announced in this page. Please contact webmaster.

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