The Profile of Ni Ketut Sri Wardani, Indonesia

  Ni Ketut Sri Wardani: Indonesia

01.2004 - Ni Ketut Sri Wardani is one of an Indonesian women Christian artist. Her artworks appeared in book "Christ for All People", IMAGE magazine - Christ and Art in Asia, published by ACAA and in book "Many Faces of Christian Art in Indonesia" published by Communion of Church in Indonesia. Many of her artworks speaks about the suffering; the deepest suffering of Jesus prior to his crusifixion. About that Sri Wardani said:

"I could no longer imagine the integrity of his body. What I could see is only a broken body full of blood, ugly and no longer smooth. Probably the blood covered all over his body, covered his eyelids, covered his nose, mouth, ears and all. The price of his blood is so dear to pay the ransom of sinful human."

Sri Wardani married to Erland Sibuea, both are the Navigator' staff live in Bali. Together with senior Christian artists in Bali such as Ketut Lasia, Nyoman Darsane they established the Bali Christian Art Association (BCAA) in Denpasar on January 19, 2003 in which she become the chair person. This organization has a mission to manifest their faith through works of art; to deepen biblical understanding by interpreting scripture through artistic means; to develop a contextual expression of the Gospel. As an organization they hope to enhance the clarity of Christian expression through artistic means and to empower artists to share the Gospel with the world.

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Birth Bali, 22 May 1966

1982 Fine Art SMSR Denpasar, Bali
1986 Fine Art FSRD ITB


Address Jl. Tukad Musi V No 6
Renon, Denpasar - Bali Indonesia



- Christian Painting Exhibition, GKI Galery, Denpasar.
- Christian Painting Exhibition, Dhayanapura Hotel, Denpasar.
- Christian Painting Exhibition, Katedral Roh Kudus, Denpasar.


'Hiram' Christian Artwork Exhibition, Bandung.


Workshop and Exhibition CCA 'Using Art to Communicate Environmental Concerns', Manila, Philippine.


Final Project Exhibition, Fine Art Faculty of ITB, Bandung.


- 'Nuansa Kemerdekaan' Design and Artwork Exhiition, Jakarta.
- The First Asian Women Christian Artist Concultation, ACAA - Hong Kong.
- Student Painting Exhibition, Jakarta.


- Christian Exhibition, Jakarta.
- Young Artists in five cities exhibition, Sukabumi.
- 'Wahana Kreasi' Exhibition, Art Center Denpasar, Bali.


- Artwork and Computer Exhibition, Bandung.
- 'To Build Culture' Christian Artwork Exhibition, Bandung.


Fine Art Exhibition Faculty, Bandung Institute of Technology.


Competition and Exhibition for Indonesian's Young Artists, Art Center Denpasar, Bali.


2001 - Painting Menuju Terang in book "Gereja Memasuki Millenium III", Editor: K. Suyaga Ayub, GKPI Denpasar
- Participated in book "Christ for All People", Editor: Rev. Ron O'Grady
1999 Illustrator in book "Penciptaan Alam Semesta, Langit dan Bumi Baru", Pdt. M. Agung, Jakarta.
1997 Painting Barren published in IMAGE Magazine - Christ and Art in Asia, No. 70, March 97.
1996 Illustrator in book "Penelitian Alkitab Secara Visual", Equipping The Saints, Yogya.
1994 Painting Viodolorosa III published in IMAGE Magazine - Christ and Art in Asia, No 61, Dec 1994.
1993 Participated in book "Many Faces of Christian Art in Asia", Editor: Endang Wulandari, Communion of Church in Indonesia (CCI).


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