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01.2004 - Art work GALLERY of NI KETUT SRI WARDANI of Indonesia
viadolorosa | getshemane | his power "peace be still" | parable "be prepared" | a mother's cry


Almost all of my works have the theme of "Viadolorosa" (suffering, punishment) that Jesus Christ had to bear and endure, and especially of his crucifixion.
I have an impression that the suffering is quite extraordinary. Based on the Christian Literature I read, Jesus suffered more than 39 lashes. According to Jewish traditions, a person judged guilty of committing a serious crime, by law got not more than 39 lashes. I once saw a picture of the whip used on Jesus, a whip full of thorns. So if the whip smites human skin, it will tear off the skin while being pulled.

"I am thirsty"

I could not imagine how terrible the body of Jesus was when accepting more than 39 lashes. Not only that, he was also hit and smitten, a crown of thorns was put on his head and he was nailed naked on the cross.
I could no longer imagine the integrity of his body. What I could see is only a broken body full of blood, ugly and no longer smooth. Probably the blood covered all over his body, covered his eyelids, covered his nose, mouth, ears and all. The price of his blood is so dear to pay th
e ransom of sinful human.

This is the impression that I tried to express on my paintings, even though it is not as perfect as I wanted them to be. I used a few techniques of brushing, by letting the wet paint to bleed, to give the dramatic impression. I used a lot of dark colors, especially blue and violet, with brushes of different sizes. All of these are aimed to obtain a better quality of work. I want to be professional in conveying this specific theme.

left to right:
1. "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani -1 "; 2."Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani -2"; 3. "It is finished"

I long to see others to comprehend how far Jesus had suffered for them, so that they may not become ordinary and mere Christians living as they like and without any regard for his costly suffering. By giving himself to death, he has shown his love, so great and deep, which cannot be measured by any standard of human love. He had pay the price, in full and so completely, tha
t we no longer have any rights for ourselves. My deepest hope is that these paintings may become blessings to others.



"If it possible, may this cup be taken from me."

This theme is on line with theme Viodolorosa, which exposing the beginning of Jesus' suffering prior to His crucifixion.
Jesus was aware of His death to come shortly. He then selected three disciples to walk with Him toward Gethsemane to pray. But, when Jesus was praying. His three selected companions were asleep instead of staying alert and watchful. That night was a terrifying night for Jesus to be left alone in distress. His adrenaline started to rush with the shadows of condemnation. His heart ached. He fell on His face and prayed the prayer that repeatedly happen to uttered, "O My Father, if it is possible let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will." Even as He prayed, His sweat drops turned to be like blood drip, until an angel appeared to strengthen Him.

left to right:
1. "May Your will be done -1"; 2."May your will be done -2";
3. "May your will be done -3".




In Gethsemane, we saw that Jesus humanity revealed clearly. He needed His disciples to watch with Him. He long for heavenly strength. He was sorrowful and deeply distressed.

This innermost conflict of Jesus inspired me in my paintings. This may seem far from perfection, I keep on learning to experience more. May every observer of these paintings can comprehend fully the message.

viadolorosa | getshemane | his power "peace be still" | parable "be prepared" | a mother's cry


One day Jesus was on the boat together with His disciples sailing through Galilee lake. A windstorm came down on the lake and hit the boat and it were filling with water. As Jesus was asleep, the disciples were terrified, panicked, worried and afraid.
Jesus arose and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water, "Peace, be still!"
Jesus has performed to His disciples His marvelous power over the nature. And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.


This experience is often reflecting me, my life. Although Jesus is always there for me day by day with His mighty power over all, just like His disciples, when troubles come, worries take place. But, one thing that reminds me always is that Jesus is the answer above all.

<< "Calming the Storm"


Jesus taught by parable about the Kingdom of Heaven shall be likened to ten (10) virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.

"Be Ready"

They were oil having the lamps, but only five (5) took oil in their vessel with their lamps. Those (5) who were having oil and lamps called the wise virgins. And the others (5) who were not having the spare oil called the foolish virgins.
The matter started while the bridegroom was delayed, the virgins slumbered and slept. Suddenly a cry was heard, "Behold the bridegroom is coming, go out to meet Him." The virgins then arose and trimmed their lamps. The foolish virgins began to notice that their lamps were going out and they had no spare oil with them. The wise virgins have noticed the same that their lamps were going out as well, but they immediately put the spare oil on use. The foolish ones tried to ask some from the wise ones, but unfortunately the oil were not enough for all.
Our readiness for the return of Jesus Christ is indeed necessary. This creation of my works is about to describe that situation. Are we ready to meet the King of kings on His return with oil the glory unexpectedly?


It became an International world issue that Kuta, Bali hit by a horrible bomb blast on 12th October 2002.

Condolence flowers and banners were everywhere around the island of Bali. Television channels broadcast continuously about the dead. There was a situation stored in my mind about a mother who was searching for her missing son among the victims in the state hospital named "Sanglah Hospital", Denpasar. She wept in despair and let herself fall many times on the ground while looking around for her son. She barely could walk, the sorrow and sadness were beyond her strength to face the fact that her son was already dead.

A while later I went to see a friend who was ill in the same hospital. Suddenly, I heard a woman cried hysterically from a room next door. I sensed a terrifying moment, So I ran to that room. There I saw a skinny old looking woman lifting the body of her muscular son. Who was apparently dead. She laid him on her laps, she was holding him tight while crying loudly knowing that her son was dead.

Above two stories have drawn me back into a history of old time approx. 2000 years ago, which was earth-shaking. A tremendous misery and a sacrifice that nothing compared to. The man was lashed, crowned with thorn, nailed on the cross and crucified. This tyranny was witnessed by millions of people and among them was the mother who had conceived him, gave birth and raised him.

left to right: 1. "A mother cry -1"; 2. "A mother cry -1"; 3. "A mother cry -1".

Which mother won't get hurt to see her child beaten viciously? Which mother won't weep hearing her beloved child moaning from pain? Which mother won't groan seeing her child die in torture? A mother naturally gifted a very close emotional connection with her child and it is part of God's heavenly plan. Yet, it is often neglected.

I try to pour out the anguish of Maria as she embraced the body of Jesus Christ when it was taken down from the cross. Yet perhaps this painting is not enough to describe her feeling.

viadolorosa | getshemane | his power "peace be still" | parable "be prepared" | a mother's cry

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