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In 1978 the Asian Christian Art Association was founded to encourage the visual arts in Asian churches. At that first consultation of artists in Bali, the aims of the Association were clearly stated, as follows:
To encourage artists to express Christian concern through their art in an Asian context.
To coordinate the activities of individuals and groups in Asian region who are working on indigenous art forms.
To provide a means of communication and information.
To work with churches, with the Christian Conferences of Asia and with other bodies seeking to witness to Christian faith in Asia.

This association was the result of many dialogues between artists and theologians in Asia, in their encounters at various occasions. Theologians who appreciate the creative mind of the artists as expressed in their works have also inspired and helped artists in their theological reflections which are manifest in their paintings sculptures and dances. Conversely, many artists have also inspired theologians to be more creative in their theological thoughts and in their sermons. The Christian Conference of Asia has played a significant role in facilitating the birth of this very important ecumenical association of artists in Asia, which has enriched the ecumenical movement globally.

In the last twenty years, many exhibitions have been held not only in various countries in Asia, but also in Europe, North America and Australia. Members have been assisted to exhibit their works nationally and internationally.

ACAA has held earlier international consultations such as in Manila (Mt. Makiling Art Center) 1984 and in Hong Kong for women artists, September 1992. The magazine Image, published regularly by ACAA for 20 years, continues to receive appreciation from people and institutions around the world. It is a medium of communication between the members and a means of introducing the works of young artists. Many other publications and video productions have enriched the resources for creative and artistic reflection.

The 1998 Bali meeting elected a new executive committee, and together they have begun to look forward to the next twenty years in the new century and new millennium. We are challenged to be more creative and to take the lessons and experience of the past twenty years so that we may look forward to the new era, where technological advancement and the globalisation of market economy may challenge the moral and ethical integrity of our society.

Members of the executive committee are looking forward to the new millennium. We hope to be able to continue the networking of artists and theologians, to enable the dialogue and sharing among artists and continue support for the development of young artists. We also have a dream of establishing an Asian Christian Art Center where there will be regular exhibitions of the works of ACAA members and where various art seminars and workshops can be held regularly. We also hope to enlarge our membership to include our friends in the Pacific Islands, so that we will be enriched further by their creative contributions.

We hope that ACAA will continue to enjoy the support and patronage of many of our donors from Asia, Europe and North America as well as from Australia and Aotearoa - New Zealand.The 25th anniversary of ACAA was held in Seoul Korea on June 16-17, 2003. One of the agenda on that meeting was to elect the new commitee members for the nest term. Thy are:

Dr. Judo Poerwowidagdo, Indonesia (President)
Dr. He Qi, China (Member)
Emmanuel Garibay, Philippine (Member)
Soichi Watanabe, Japan (Member)
Rhuani Rambukwella, Sri Lanka (Member)

Rev. Ron O'Grady, New Zealand (Consultant)
Dr. Masao Takenaka, Japan (Honorary President)
In the longer term, it is still hoped that ACAA will one day be able to establish a permanent exhibitions centre for Asian Christian art. To do it properly with adequate air conditioning and lighting will be quite a costly undertaking and will need much planning. It is however a dream which the executive continues to pursue at each of it meetings.


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