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OASIS Exhibition by Kaji Habeb

left - Dr. Judo Poerwowidagdo

(02/05/2001) Keluargatuk Art House held an Exhibition of Paintings called 'OASIS'. The exhibition of the works of Kaji Habeb started on the eighteenth of January and ended on the twenty-third of January 2001. This exhibition, which took place at Rev. Bernard T. Adeney-Risakotta's house, was opened symbolically by Dr. Judo Poerwowidagdo, the President of Asian Christian Art Association.

Kaji Habeb
About the Painter

Painter Kaji Habeb was born in Demak, Central Java, Indonesia, on September 2nd, 1969. He was brought up in a devoted Moslem environment. His father is called a "Kyai" (a Moslem theologian) who worked with the Training Center of Devoted Moslems in Demak.

After graduating from Secondary School, he stayed at 'Masjidil Haram', in Arabia. His hobby of painting, since he was young, led him to study more about painting at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Painting, at the Art Institute of Indonesia in Yogyakarta. Besides this, he also graduated from the Department of Philosophy at the State Institute of Moslem Religion in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is known as an actor and a producer in theatres. His paintings show surrealistic and expressive styles with unique colour matching touch painted on papers as the painting medium.

Why OASIS is it's name ?

A pond in the desert is called 'OASIS' where travelers or wanderers take a break. For them Oasis is a place to have a chat, to share about the weather, obstacles around and the probability of danger. The traveler's long journeys, which are full of unexpected obstacles and tiring as well, often result in an extraordinary imagination, spiritual experiences, and changes in their inner life. There is neither personal ownership nor monopoly concerning the Oasis, but only the collective law. Oasis is also a place for reconciliation between tribes who are in conflict because it is considered as source of life in the desert. In mystical and religious tradition, Oasis is a symbol of God and life. At Oasis Abraham built an altar for worship to maintain the tradition of his religion.

The aim of the exhibition is to find one's own 'Oasis'. Violence and bitterness of life often damage people and their humanity, which creates a 'dry' situation, uncertainty and discontent. The crisis, which appears from all angles of life, actually arises from humanity himself. People and their humanity are like a caliph who is on the way through the desert. They lost their way, were trapped by a storm, fighting the overwhelming power, feeling desperate, no more energy left, and here Oasis is really a place to release the tension, building hope and new spirit.

In keeping with the title 'Oasis', we have a painting exhibition with a strong Moslem background in the education and family of painter Kaji Habeb, the hospitality of Rev. Bernard T. Adeney- Risakotta to be he host of the exhibition, and the willingness of Dr. Judo Poerwowidagdo as the President of ACAA to introduce the exhibition officially. Perhaps the exhibition portrays hope especially for us in Indonesia who long for 'the water of life', which is able to connect between the varieties of ethnicities and religions. People look for such a place in order to live peacefully regardless of their ethnicity and religion.

left - Rev. Bernard T. Adeney-Risakotta and Ms. Farsijana Risakotta

It is interesting to hear Ms. Farsijana Risakotta's comment on the work of Kaji Habeb: "It is strange when I paid attention to the Kaji Habeb's painting entitled 'The Moment of life' which describes human's suffering. I felt like seeing Jesus' suffering when He carried the cross on His shoulder. I felt my faith in Jesus Christ grew staring at the painting. Whereas Kaji Habeb is a Moslem, filled with concerns and strong faith, he painted suffering women. Regarding this, we feel that his works not only bear Moslem taste but also universal in characteristic. From this certain point appears the dialogue: sharing our experiences in spirit even though we are different in religion."

The followings are some art works of Kaji Habeb on the exhibition

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Oasis, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia The Moment of Being, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia The Self, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia Where is to Stand on ?, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia At the Dialogue, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia Eve's Meditation, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia Quite Jingle, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia
Dawning Time, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia Self Judgment, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia Fata morgana, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia The Witness, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia Adam and Eve, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia Sinai - 'The Burning Soul', Kaji Habeb, Indonesia The Center of Mind, Kaji Habeb, Indonesia
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  • Self Judgment
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