The Profile of Kim Jae-Im, Korea

  Kim Jae-Im: Korea

Kim Jae-Im belonged to the first generation of Korean Abstract Expressionists. Since her first one-woman show in Seoul, Korea in 1960, she has continuously exhibited her works in Europe and Asia. Although her works resemble those of American Abstract Expressionist painters superficially, there is a fundamental difference. For example, she uses Oriental brushes of all size as if her acrylic paints were links and watercolors. The expressive ink brushstrokes run in vertical, and diagonal directions in her recent works to organize the composition with the lively sense of rhythm. The empty, white background restrains the wildly dancing, calligraphic brushstrokes of ink and color. There is a drama of action and inaction as the titles of some works such as Temporal and Spatial suggest. Even her use of gold and silver ultimately relate to the traditional technique of wall painting in Asia where profuse amount of gold and silver are used. Moreover, one cannot help but remember the lyrical ink paintings of the 13th century Southern Song dynasty such as Ma Yuan or Mu Qi. Her act of painting, according Kim, often emulates the Korean Monk's Dance with graceful movement and impetuous of temporal and spatial activity by her act of first applying the paint and then quickly wiping away, thus crating the silent, empty space with a trace of painting.



Nativity, by Kim Jae-Im

The World of Cheerful Excitement and Mystery
by Ham Sae Jin

Kim Jae Im says that the Korean characteristics, cheerful excitement, rhythm and motion are the most important elements in her works. Trying to learn traditional mask dance or corolla dance and Korean drum, Kim makes efforts to steep herself in the worlds of Korean rhythm and cheerful excitement. more...

Alluding to the Kim Jae-Im Exhibition
by Lee Kyong Sung, an artcritic

Kim Jae-Im is an artist who is known of the first generation of the Korean Abstractionists. She has already opened her first one man show at the Gallery of Information Center (Seoul) in 1960 and continuously exhibited her works through one man shows and group shows. more ...


Present Status:

Lectures at Seoul Fine Arts High School
Member of Korean Fine Arts Association
Member of Korean Christian Painters' Association
Member of Korean Women painters' Association
Member of Han-Oul Artists' Club
Council Member of Asian Christian Art Association



Graduated the attached High School, Teacher's College, Seoul National University


Graduate from Department of Painting, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University

One Man Shows:


Gallery of Information Center, Seoul


Gallery of Information Center, Seoul


Gallery of Information Center, Seoul


Midopa Gallery, Seoul


Fine Arts Gallery, Seoul


Chun-Buk Fine Arts Gallery, Chun-Buk


Galerie Ostasien, Koln, Germany


Fine Arts Center, K.C.A.F., Seoul


Fine Arts Center, K.C.A.F., Seoul


Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan


Fine Arts Center, K.C.A.F., Seoul

Group Shows:


Participated the 7th, 8th, 9th, Korean National Arts Exhibition


Yi, Choon-Ki, Kim, Jae-Irn Exhibition, Gallery of Information Center, Seoul


Yi, Choon-Ki, Kim Jae-Im Exhibition, Gallery of National Library, Seoul


Korean Artists' Association Exhibition, Seoul


Korean Christian Artists' Association Exhibition, Seoul


Korean Painters Association Exhibition, Seoul


Han-Oul Artists' Association Exhibition, Seoul


Growrich Gallery, Seoul

Invitation Exhibitiion


The Invited Artists Exhibition for the Commemoration (Invited by the Ministry of Culture and Information)


International Liberal Art Exhibition, Seoul


Invited to the Contemporary Painters' Exhibition, sponsored by the Chosun Ilbo, Seoul


Invited to the Commemoration Exhibition of the Opening of Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Fine Arts Center


The Fund-Raising Exhibition to help Unfortunate Neighbors


The Fund-Raising Exhibition for the Construction of Modern Arts Museum


Korean Women Painters' Association Exhibition (National Museum of History, Republic of China)


The 2nd All-Asian Consultation on Christian Art (National Arts Center, Manila, Philippines)
The Invited Exhibition of Korean Women Painters (Korean Cultural Center, Tokyo, Japan)


The 3rd All-Asian Consultation on Christian Art (Seoul Korea)
Korean Women Painters' Association Exhibition (Invited by Korean Cultural Center, Paris, France)
The Komatzu Seibu Department Store Gallery Invited Exhibition of (Komatzu, Japan)


The Exhibition of "Today"(Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Fine Art Gallery, Seoul)
The 4th All-Asian Consultation on Christian Art  (Kyoto, Japan)
The Invited Exhibition for the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of Seoul National University

Exchange Exhibition:

1982.12- 1983.1  

Korean, French Women Painters Exhibition (Korean Cultural Center, pans, France)


Korea-Nepal Exchange Exhibition (N.A.F.A. Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal)



Attendance at Overseas Conferences and Inspection Tours:

1981. 3- 5

The Inspection Tour of the Art Circles of the World (USA, U.K., France, West-Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece etc).

1981. 5.11- 5.27

During the tour, held the Sketch Exhibition (Oriental Arts Museum, Koln, West-Germany)

1982. 1    

Enrolled In the Students Fine Arts Seminar (Japan) as a Commander (The Effects of the Korean Culture on the Japanese Culture)

1982. 7   

Enrolled in Han-Oul Artists' Club Exhibition (Sahmil Gallery, L.A., USA) as a Commander

1983. 1    

Enrolled in Korean Women Painters' Association Exhibition (National Museum of History, Republic of China) and Made the Tour of Various East-South Asian Countries

1984. 3.23 -30

Represented Korea At the 2nd All-Asian Consultation on Christian Art and Exhibited the Works. (Mt. Makiling, Philippines) (Theme: The Magnificat in Asia Today, Attendant: 53 Persons from 16 Countries)


Attended at the Invited Exhibition of Korean Women Painters (Korean Cultural Center, Tokyo, Japan)

1985. 9   

Attended at the One-Man Show (Fukuoka Arts Museum, Fukuoka, Japan)

1986. 1    

The Sketch Tours of East-South Asian Countries

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