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Alluding to the Kim Jae-Im Exhibition
by Lee Kyong Sung, an artcritic

Kim Jae-Im is an artist who is known of the first generation of the Korean Abstractionists. She has already opened her first one man show at the Gallery of Information Center (Seoul) in 1960 and continuously exhibited her works through one man shows and group shows.
The large-scaled and strongly touched works exhibited at her first one man show in 1960 gave me a deep impression. In those days, the Korean modern art was promoted by avant-garde artists, who graduates of the fine art colleges, in their twenties and thirties. And Modern Painter's Association and 1960 Fine Art Association played an important role in developing the modern arts.
Under such environment, Kim Jae-Im grew into an artist and was actively involved in the world of modern fine arts.
Her works are not the traditional small scaled ones but under the opened large scale, they emit images. Compare to the traditional style of art, her style bears the vivid traces of so-called Abstract Expressionism prevailed in Korea after the 50's.
But her Abstract Expressionism is distinct from the American Abstract Expressionism in the way that the movement of rhythmical lines of her works creates the oriental images. Kim Jae-Im's use of fast strokes of brush creates images which turns into the world of calm beauty through the color scheme or other formative grammars. The realm of the abstract space, which expands into the infinite space and has liberalism and lucid lyricism, is exactly the realm of her works.
At her continuous exhibition in 1987, the creative and attractive space turns into various form with tones and rhythms. Though her general contemplation is based on the lyric space which she has pursued since the 1960's, she exerts herself to bring something more concrete in existence through her recent works. Therefore an artist, Kim Jae-Im's works express the infinite space in which chaos and cosmos, and reality and emptiness alternate.

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