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Christmas has inspired artists to express their creativity in a variety of ways through various media: paintings, sculptures, puppets and poems. They all express joy and happiness. On this page we publish special art works about the Nativity produced by various artists from Asian countries. The artists whose works are being shown presently are: S. Sudjojono from Indonesia, Andi Haris from Indonesia, He Qi from China, Yu Jiade from China, Lu Lan from China, Xu Kesheng Wu Yixu from Shanghai, China, Baidy Mendoza from the Philippines, and Kim Heung Jong from Korea.

Nativity, Kim Heung Jong, Korea  

If there was no Manger...

I am standing before a stable
I am reminded of the Manger at Betlehem
And I asked myself:

If Mary had not laid the child in the Manger
If Joseph had not accompanied her,
If the child was not laid in the Manger
If the heavenly choir had not sung the car
If the shepherds had not visited the Babe,
If the wisemen had not searched for the Baby King,
If no gifts were offered to the child,
If Joseph and Mary had not fled to Egypt.

I would not have a glimpse of the Eternal,
I would not have remembered the lowly,
I would not have shared joy and pain in family life,
I would not have listened to the voice from above,
I would not have courage to disobey the ungodly,
I would have been a slave of the powers in high places
I would not have offered my best at the altar of love
I would not have talked about refugees in the camps,
I would not have been what I am today.

I would be known as one living for my own 'self'
I would be going to dust with a rusted soul.

Ecumenical Christian Centre Bangalore, India

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Escape to Egypt (Porcelain Painting), Xu Kesheng Wu Yixu, Shanghai-China Holy Family (Clay), Baidy Mendoza, Philipphines ---, Yu Jiade, China The Birth, Andi Harisman, Indonesia Flight to Egypt, S.Sudjojono, Indonesia
Nativity (Ink & Color on Paper), He Qi, China Nativity (Chinese Ink Painting), Yu Jiade, China Nativity (Decorative Painting), Lu Lan, China Three Wisemen, Wayang Prajanjian - Indonesia Christmas Scene, Kim Heung Jong, Korea

We are inclined to seek God's extraordinary action in big, distruptive events. When a large group of people are moved by unexplainable power, or when people are powerless against the world, we say, "God can work miracles." At the same time, the birth of new human being who brought the perpetuation of human existence, often escapes our interest. Furthermore, he who was born was a poor baby in a decrepit hut with a dirt floor in an out-of-the-way place. The moment of birth was without ceremony. Only a happy face and a smile brightened the place dimly lit by a lantern. Most births, indeed, are famale matters, concerning especially the one most involved with its origin. That include the distressed Mary. She knew that which was in her womb was not the result of male-female cooperation. When the news of her pregnancy was delivered by an angel of the Lord, she said only "I am a servant of the Lord. May it be with me as you have said." And she gave birth to a poor baby. Too poor, in fact. Although being poor, poverty and not having anough are different from being dirty. His poverty birth brouhgt radiance to Joseph and Mary. They did not own him. They were co-owners with God. The sign was seen by three wisemen in the East. They traveled some distance to find him. They followed the light of a star and strayed to the place, because of the presumption. They approached the baby with eyes closed, but with full conviction. Before Him, they freely arranged gold, frankincense and myrrh. Here in His presence was the peace of God. The echo of the Euphrates still reached their ears: "Peace on earth to mankind, upon whom His favor rest." (Luke 2:14).(The quotations are from Many faces of Christian Art in Indonesia, PGI).

HUMAN SUFFERING - Social Reality


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